Stephen F. Austin to Navarro, October 19, 1829

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English Translation

and find one that does not [?] [?] last on that came in my infirmity and which Samuel answered. It might be that many letters were lost and so you wrote to me about something of interest -- repeat to me what it was.

Prior to my sickness I had formed an idea of some plans that I considered of interest for the advancement of Texas, and I thought of bothering you for your opinion and advice as a true friend of Texas.

My plans had for their object the general welfare of the people and not for my particular advantage and if I have time and my other occupations will permit, I am going to put my ideas in some form and shall send them to you.

I have dedicated myself now in union with

To the work of forming legitimate or true translations of all the decisions of the Legislature for the purpose of putting them in pamphlets and part of the Gazeta. This may appear a work of little consideration but it is not -- The work is very essential and there is nothing more necessary and important for the welfare of Texas, for the reason that more of the inhabitants do not understand a word of Spanish and it is entirely impossible to govern a people with laws, whose existence the masses ignore absolutely.

All the difficulties in Nacogdoches has come entirely from the lack of troops and persons of law and chiefs in order to administrate them.

Stephen F. Austin to Navarro, October 19, 1829, Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 1909/001-82.

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