Autobiography of José Antonio Navarro, 1841

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José Luciano, and the last and the youngest of all, José

Under the inexperience tutelage of my oldest brother
José Angel could make but small progress in
promoting our interests, and much less could apply
to amass [?] education, than we could [?]

The whole family remained
in modest circumstances when p
eriod of the beginning of the p
of Mexico, commenced. From this up to 1813 when
Bernardo Gutierrez invaded the Province of Texas with
the American volunteers and the inhabitants of Nacog-
doches, defending the Independence of Mexico, my
whole family and property suffered considerable
losses and damages.

In the year of 1813 my Uncle Lieutenant
Col. Francisco Ruiz [?} very active part with
the Insurgents in the Army of Bexar under the Com-
mand of Gutierrez and afterwards under that of José
Alvarez Toledo, a young and brave General, as will inform
as [?] unfortunate.

First battle which he fought on the Medina
against the Spanish General Joaquin de Arre-
dondo, on the 18th August 1813.

Imagine now to yourselves the position of
my whole family, with the life of the cause of liberty
by the battle of Medina.

Autobiography of José Antonio Navarro, 1841, Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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