Ashbel Smith to Isaac Van Zandt, January 25, 1843

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Ashbel Smith to Isaac Van Zandt, January 1843

and the Colorado was proposed as a dividing

line. I do not know to whom is due the

initiative of these matters; but I was informed

that the propositions in question, had been

a subject of conversation with Lord Aberdeen.

And I am aware that in another conversation

in which Lord Aberdeen took part, it

was maintained that the population which would

flock into this “free state” from Europe would be

enabled to vote down the Slave holders, and thus

the Texians would of themselves establish an entire

nonslave holding country.

Although I carefully noted these conversations

from the mark of the person with whom I had

them, I did not probably fully estimate their


I may be mistaken in regard to the equ-

ivalents to be offered by England as they were not

dwelt upon in detail. But in regard to the

two propositions, one to abolish Slavery throughout

the entire territory; the other to establish a non-

slave holding state in Western Texas; and

in regard to the personal standing and relations

with the Govt of the Gentleman making the

propositions, I cannot be in error.

Until within a few months the British

Govt undoubtedly desired the establishment

of peace between Texas and Mexico—Texas

remaining a slave holding country—chiefly

from an apprehension, that if the contest

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Ashbel Smith to Isaac Van Zandt, January 25, 1843. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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