Ashbel Smith to Isaac Van Zandt, January 25, 1843

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Ashbel Smith to Isaac Van Zandt, January 1843

continued Texas might be thrown into

the American union. That Govt are

now convinced that Texas cannot be

admitted into this Union, and that a

decisive attempt on the part of the

southern States to receive Texas would

endanger the stability of the Union.

Have the British Govt now the same

motives as formerly for desiring peace between Texas

and Mexico; may they not imagine that the

present disturbed condition of our country

continuing—enterprise and industry being

paralysed [sic]—our Citizens being wearied out

with a harasing [sic] war, which has checked

emigration, prevents the cultivation of our

soil and the development of our resources.

We may be more ready to yield the point of

Slavery in exchange for England’s guarantee

of our Independence and some commercial

and financial advantages! Whether the equivalents

mentioned will be those proposed

I expect, I do not certainly know. But rely

on it, as certain, that in England it is

intended to make an effort, and that

some things are already in train to accom-

plish if possible the abolition of Slavery

in Texas[.] And might not Texas ex-

hausted as just described, listen in

a moment of folly to such over-

tures from the British Govt?

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Ashbel Smith to Isaac Van Zandt, January 25, 1843. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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