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James T.D. Wilson to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, May 28, 1862

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James T.D. Wilson to Francis R. Lubbock, May 1862

time or opportunity to put it in any other
shape—really had hard work to get
it at all. You must think about
some way to have it put up, if
you wish it done differently, after it
arrives. Tin cans you cannot
probably get in Texas—empty kegs
neither—but might have made if
you think proper, small wooden boxes
of seasoned wood & well corked with
a wooden screw[.] [A]t any
rate you can think it over—or
10 gal wooden kegs—or bigger casks[.]

I shall come in by way
of Roma, Las Escobas, San Domingo
Palo Blanco, Agua Poquita, San Diego
George Wrights on Nueces (a few miles below
old Fort Merville) James Woods on San
Antonio river (15 miles above Goliad)
Clinton, Sweet Home & Columbus.

If I find the Nueces up as I hear here
will then cross at San Patricio, and
by way of Goliad & Clinton.

I speak of my route because I find
it currently believed here, that several
thousand Federals are at Brownsville.
I have had no news from Texas for weeks
& of course know nothing of the truth

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James T.D. Wilson to Governor Lubbock, May 28, 1862. Texas Military Board Records.

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