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James T.D. Wilson to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, May 28, 1862

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James T.D. Wilson to Francis R. Lubbock, May 1862

of the report, but if true, and it should
make any change in your views
as to where you might wish any or
all of the freight delivered, at any place
on the road short of Alleyton, then any
messenger you choose to send to meet me
can find me—if started in time—of
this however you know your own plans[.]
If you wish any put out at Columbus
write me to Columbus—it can be
done if I hear from you in time.

I cannot very well come to Austin
till [sic] the wagons are discharged—and
perhaps loaded again & started back—would
like if one of you gentlemen could meet
meet [sic] me in Alleyton or Houston—if
convenient to you. I have some
other matters to report upon which
I will not now write.

I send this by special hand to be
mailed near the Nueces & hope you
will get it soon—but every thing in
this region is in confusion[.] [T]he whole
frontier on either side is in bad condition
bad—every way.


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James T.D. Wilson to Governor Lubbock, May 28, 1862. Texas Military Board Records.

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