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Edwin W. Moore to the War Department, December 1842Copy.

Texas Sloop of War Austin.
New Orleans, Dec. 2nd 1842.


              Your communication of the 29th Octr & the
5h November, enclosing duplicate of the one of 29th
October have been received since I last wrote, 7th Inst
and your communication of the 16th November was rec-
eived yesterday—but one Steamer has left since the
receipt of the former, which I was unavoidably preven-
ted writing by as I intended.

              No one regrets more than I, the fact that I
have not been able to procure funds sufficient to
get to sea with the Exchequer Bills placed in my
hands[.] [I]n my letters of the 3rd and 19th of August I
reported the repairs that had to be made on the Ship
and the new spars that had been placed in her and
the Brig Wharton; and on the 7th September I repor-
ted that I had procured nearly all of the subs-
tantial articles of provisions; I considered it un-
necessary to state how I had procured them as the
Department was informed by me while in Houston
in July, that I had no other means of obtaining
either supplies or money—at the date (early part of
September) when “the Department was advised that at
“least ten thousand Dollars of the Exchequer Bills
brought here by me were in circulation[.] I had in
my possession over twelve thousand dollars of them
and there was and is here at this date, hypotheticated
for provisions etc. $4100 of them.

              In relation to information or advices that the
Department may hear of me, I beg leave to refer
you to my communication of the 4th April last

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Edwin W. Moore to Morgan C. Hamilton, December 2, 1842. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 401-1313.

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