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Edwin W. Moore to the War Department, December 1842Department while in Houston on July 2nd and
I stated to His Excellency, the President, that with
the other nothing could be done, and that I would have
returned it at that time had I have had it with
me[.] I have not been able to lay my hands on it
since my return or it would have been returned[.]
[M]y impression is that Mr St. John has it, and he
has gone to the North[.] [I]t can however be of no avail
as the authority to negotiate was given to me only.

              I regret the condition of the San Barnard [sic]
and unless something is soon done with her she will
be beyond repair—twenty five dollars ($25.000) of the
appropriation of the extra session of Congress was
for provisions and outfits and it would take a
very small proportion of it for her in fact that
amount would be ample to repair the San Bernard
and fit out the Squadron for a cruize [sic] of four months[.]
I mean this ship, the Brig Wharton and the San

              The San Antonio Sailed from Galveston
on the 27th of August, first for Matagorda, and
then for the Coast of Yucatan, having on board over
three months [sic] provisions, which could have been
made to last four months[.] I did not mention
her having sailed, or the nature of the cruize [sic],
deferring it until her return—which I have been
anxiously [sic] for more than a month—but from
news received from Campeche two days since, up
to the 15th November she had not been heard from
and I very much fear that she foundered or was cap-
sized in one of these heavy gales of September
and October[.] The object of the cruize [sic] was to recon-
noiter of [sic] the coast of Yucatan

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Edwin W. Moore to Morgan C. Hamilton, December 2, 1842. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 401-1313. 

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