The Texas NavyEdwin W. Moore to Morgan C. Hamilton, December 2, 1842 - Page 2

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Edwin W. Moore to the War Department, December 1842in which you will find my reasons for the effort
of certain persons to injure me which I deem
unnecessary to repeat here.

              In order to present the circulation of any
of the Exchequer Bills until after the expiration of
the time that I was authorized to hypothecate them
I made heavy personal sacrifices, and am now
liable for a considerable amount of money which
could not have been procured here on the faith
of the Government as any one here well knows
and not until the sailing of the Neptune on the
18th of November did I consent to sell one dollar
of the Exchequers; by her something less than a
thousand dollars went over; and on the sailing
of the New York (24th November) eight thousand, seven
hundred dollars went over, which I was compelled
to sell to meet the demands against me for sup-
plies of those articles of provisions which I have to
purchase every week, and to return the money wh-
ich I borrowed to purchase Copper for the ship’s bottom
when she was in Dock.

              The provisions which I procured in August were
the following[:] Beef, Pork, Vinegar, Beans, Raisins and
Tobacco for a full complement for all the Vessels
for sixteen weeks, and there is now on board this
ship and the Brig enough of these articles of the rations
Viz: Bread, Flour, sugar, Tea, Cheese, Butter, Molasses,
and Whiskey I obtained on my own credit, for I have
no money, in small quantities weekly[.]

              In reply to the enquiries in yours of the 5th
November, I have to state that one of the individual
responsibilities referred to, was returned to the

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Edwin W. Moore to Morgan C. Hamilton, December 2, 1842. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 401-1313. 

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