The Texas NavyEdwin W. Moore to Morgan C. Hamilton, December 2, 1842 - Page 5

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Edwin W. Moore to the War Department, December 1842[N]either can towage or pilotage be obtained on
the credit of the Government, in short nothing
can be obtained here on the credit of the
Government. If it were in my power to raise
the funds to carry out the orders of the 29th October
[and] reiterated on the 16th November, it should most
certainly be done, but I have exhausted all my
means and very nearly all my credit[.]

              If the Vessels were in Galveston in ordinary
and were to be fitted for sea they would have to
be brought here to obtain seamen, and the towage and
pilotage in and out would cost as much as
the advance to half the men required if I had
the means to ship a crew, and purchase the
balance of our provisions and clothing, (ordnance
stores and ammunition we have plenty) I could
sail in a few days, and as the enemy are now
in the Gulf (blockading Campeche) poorly manned,
and even if they were better manned, I would
not hesitate attacking them with this ship and
the Brig Wharton[.] [E]very officer in the service is
anxious, exceedingly anxious to get off.

              I feel it my imperative duty to again
call the attention of the Department to the con-
dition of the Officers as stated in my two com-
munications of the 2nd and 24th July last.

              By the last Steamer I forwarded to the
Auditor the Returns of Pursers A. Hurd and
F.T. Wells up to the end of the Quarter ending
30th [?] September last, and by this Steamer I forward
my account current for the disbursement of money
received from the Government of Yucatan, which
would have been sent some time since but
for two receipts from purser J.F. Stephens, which I
received only a few days since.

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Edwin W. Moore to Morgan C. Hamilton, December 2, 1842. Texas Navy Papers

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