The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Wounding of Governor John B. Connally

Trip to Texas

Items displayed in this exhibit

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Following the previous day’s visit to San Antonio, Houston and Fort Worth, Friday, November 22 was supposed to be an equally full day. After a breakfast speech in Fort Worth, the President was to address several groups at the Dallas Trade Mart in the afternoon. A gala event was scheduled in Austin that evening. The trip would culminate with a visit to the LBJ ranch near Johnson City.

President and Mrs. Kennedy at Fort Worth breakfast, November 22, 1963. Mrs. Kennedy, wearing the pink suit which later that day was stained with her husband's blood, is smiling radiantly and shaking Vice President Johnson's hand with Mrs. Johnson looking on.

President and Mrs. Kennedy at Fort Worth breakfast, November 22, 1963. Prints and Photographs 1966/225-1

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Items in this exhibit

The case holding this exhibit topic is freestanding and has three display areas: the case top and two pull-out drawers.

Case top

Items displayed here are the covers for two speeches President Kennedy was to have delivered the day he was assassinated and a copy of the program and ticket for the dinner event planned in Austin for that evening.

Titles of two JFK speeches scheduled on November 22, 1963: “We are…the watchmen on the walls of Freedom,” Dallas.

“This country is moving…and it must not stop,” Austin.

Packet in memory of President JFK assembled by the State Democratic Executive Committee of Texas Texas Welcome Dinner program (Austin)

[Box 2-23/919 all of the above]

Dinner ticket for the same

[Box 2-22/744]

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Drawer #1

Items displayed are excerpts from a scrapbook.

Kennedy scrapbook excerpts

[Box 1963-067-1]

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Drawer #2

Items displayed are Look magazine opened to the article "The Ordeal of Lyndon Johnson" and the cover of Life magazine.

Look magazine, “The Ordeal of Lyndon Johnson” and “The Johnsons in the White House,” March 10, 1964

Life magazine, “President Johnson at his White House Desk,” December 13, 1963

[Box 1963-067-2]

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A closer look

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Cover and text of Dallas speech (two-pages)

Dinner program

Cover and text of Austin speech (two-pages)

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