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Records Storage Services

Using the State Records Center        Now Storing Local Government Records

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The State Records Center provides state agencies and local governments with cost-effective storage of non-current, infrequently used state records in hard copy, electronic and microfilm formats. Agencies are provided with controlled access to their hard copy records that are stored in a facility specifically designed for high-density, low-cost maintenance of records. The electronic and microfilm records are stored in vaults specifically designed to protect these documents and mediums.

Records are delivered twice daily. If the requesting agency prefers, their staff may pick up records or view them on-site. The records center also offers disaster recovery services, which include storage of backup computer media and rotation on individual agency schedules.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission recommends that more state agencies take advantage of the cost-savings services of State Records Center for the storage of their records and materials. Agencies are encouraged to call TSLAC's State and Local Records Management division with any questions regarding services or procedures at the State Records Center. Use of the records center, while not mandatory, is the most protective and cost-effective way to manage the state's inactive records.

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Page last modified: September 28, 2015