Sam Houston's copy of Secretary of War Thomas J. Rusk's Official Report of the Battle of San Jacinto

Page 4

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Rusk - San Jacinto - Page 4

officers and all some on foot and some on horse back, In
ten minutes after the firing of the first gun we were
charging through the camps and driving them before
us they who fled in confusion and dismay down the river
followed closely by our men troops for four miles some of them took the
Praire and more pursued by our Cavalry others were shot
in attempting to swim the stream River and in a short period
the sanguinary conflict was terminated by the surrender
of nearly all who were not slain in the fight combat. One half of
their army perished the other half are prisoners Amongst
These are Whom are Gen'l Santa Ana himself Col. Almonte and many
other prominent officers of their army, Coss is not yet
found but supposed to be amongst the dead, Never in the
annals of war was the interposition of divine providence
signally displayed, The loss of the enemy is computed at
[blank] hundred slain and [blank] hundred prisoners
together with a cavayard cavallado of several hundred mules taken,
And with much valuable bagage our loss in point of numbers
is insignificant and trifling small we number it being [blank] among
the slain and fifteen wounded most of them slightly our
unparraled triumph This glorious achievement is attributable not to superior force
but to the valor of our men soldiers and the sanctity of our Cause
Our army boasted only consisted of [blank] hundred effective men
These This brave men Band achieved a victory as glorious as any
on the records of history, and the happy consequences will
be felt in Texas by forty generations to come, It has saved
the country from the yoke of bondage and all who mingled



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