Sam Houston's copy of Secretary of War Thomas J. Rusk's Official Report of the Battle of San Jacinto

Page 5

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Rusk - San Jacinto - Page 5

in it are entitled to the special munificence of
Government and the heartfelt gratitude of every lover
of Liberty. The Sun was sinking in the heavens West Horizon as the
battle commenced, but at the close of the conflict
the Suns of Liberty and Independence rose in Texas,
Never it is to be hoped never to set or again to be dimed again obscured by the
clouds of despotism, We have read of deeds of chivalry
and [blank] with ardor the annals of war we have
contemplated with the highest emotions of sublimity
the loud roaring thunder, the desolating tornado, and
the withering Simoon of the desert but neither of these
nor all inspired us with emotions like those felt on this
occasion Both The officers and men seemed to be actuated
by the same a like enthusiasm, There was a general Cry which
ran from one end of pervaded throughout the ranks to the other remember
the Alamo, remember La Bahia, these words electrified
all, Onward was the cry, the unerring aim and resistlest irresistible
energy of the Texican army could not be withstood.

Waring the minions of Tyrany
It was freemen fighting ^ against Tyrants ^ and the result proved
the inequality of such a contest In a battle where every
individual performed his duty, well passing well it
might seem invidious to draw distinctions but while I do
justice to all in expressing my high admiration of
the unparralled Bravery & gallant conduct of all both


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