The Republic of Texas - Siege of Bexar

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First Hand Account of the Siege of Bexar From the Republic Pension Application of Joseph Lopez - Page 1

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An image of yellowed paper with the handwriting of Joseph Lopez

.[T]here never was greater confusion, in a body of eleven hundred farmers and mechanics, than there was in those which formed the attacking army of General Burleson. If one man was present at the skirmish of San't Antonio I was certainly there and gave my aid whatever it might be worth, till the fifth day brought the flag of truce, which ended the hide and seek, behind walls fight and sent General Cos home, with his three Thousand Mexicans,' I could mention many incidents, that happened during these five days, but for brevety sake I will give a slight sketch of the battle;

At about five oclock in the morning a small party of the army made a feint on the Alamo, and we who

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