The Republic of Texas - Siege of Bexar

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First Hand Account of the Siege of Bexar From the Republic Pension Application of Joseph Lopez - Page 4

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An image of yellowed paper with the handwriting of Joseph Lopez

Texans to take possession of several houses from which the fired as fast as they could, but they could produce little or no effect on the mexicans, who were behind shelters some ways off, and well furnished with ammunition. they kept up a hail storm of balls at a distance, that could not be reached with the rifles,

They made an attack on our Camp one day, and fired so steady that the men there had to hide behind Trees, but though there was not twenty men in the place, the mexicans dared not come to a hand to hand attack, and at last returned to thier batteries, It was the fourth day, that the night attack was planned for the taking of the Plaza, where the mexicans were in strength, second to what they were att the Alamo, The Mobile Grays were selected for the enterprise, and they done their part so well, that they took possession of the houses fronting the Square, and as they opened thier fire on the mexicans, produced such a panic, that from the Alamo thier friends fired upon them, and on the next morning more than a hundred laid there dead shot by thier own companions,This brought a flag of truce to us, and the terms being arranged, General Cos departed, and left us in possession of the place, I often thought how it was that they yeilded [sic] the place so easyly, when I considered how well it was fortified, and what quantity of ammunition they had, and how much they exceeded us in number They being three Thousand, and we eleven hundred which on the fifth day had not two loads of powder to each man, so short was the Texans of ammunition The town of Sant Anton was then small, built of stone houses one story high, and so placed as to form a square before the Church, the street commencing at each

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