The Republic of Texas - Siege of Bexar

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First Hand Account of the Siege of Bexar From the Republic Pension Application of Joseph Lopez - Page 5

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An image of yellowed paper with the handwriting of Joseph Lopez

of its Corners,

While each one of those streets was well fortified, at the end towards the public square, and a Cannon placed there, that could cut up any body of men to pieces, had they attempted to come that way, Nothing but the [duguporrat??] process enabled the Texans to gain the victory, for had they attacked openly, they would have been shot down to the last man but those that led the Texans knew well what they were about, after the battle I took a promenade along the river which is a very small stream, and visited the several quarters of the town, but oh, such a stink the surroundings were full of dead horses and mules they having been shot during the battle, one thing I noticed, that though in the midst of winter we never had a cold day,

the weather was as warm as summer nor was there any rain, during the whole time we were in Sant Anton, Wether these are permanent conditions, or accidental, is more than I am enable to state, all I know is that I was in my Shirt Sleeves the biggest part of the time. I end my description, which is a truthful representation of facts as near as I can remember them after so long a time having elapsed since tier occurrence

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