The Republic of Texas - Siege of Bexar

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First Hand Account of the Siege of Bexar From the Republic Pension Application of Joseph Lopez - Page 2

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An image of yellowed paper with the handwriting of Joseph Lopez

were all ready to march, and were waiting to hear the first gun fired, the preconcerted signal for our starting, left camp as soon as its sound reverberated in the air, and proceeded towards the town, with rifle and blanket on our shoulder, we throwed our blankets on the ground when we got near the place, and marched in silence till the head of the column had reached the first house when two reports reached our ears, which were from the Mexican sentinel, who had shot deaf Smith in the wrist, so I was told, for I was in the middle of the column, and from deaf Smith, who shot the sentinel in both Knees,

This same individual I saw with my both eyes when we had taken possession of the first house and he was brought in, he laid on a straw bed in a little stone house, fronting the yard, that seperated the main house from it, not long after the reports were heard, we reached the door of the yard, and some commenced breaking it open with crowbars, when as they done so a Spanish officer made his appearance, whom some of the men were going to shoot, but a Texan officer that was there, raised the barrel of the rifle up, and suffered the Spaniard to cross to the mexican lines, in peace,

All the Texan Army was now concentrated in and around the house, and the firing commenced in earnest, many of the Orleans Greys got on top the house, and began firing thier rifles, while the rest of the army fired from the yard, around the house, and any other place from which they could reach the Mexicans, but after a while beginning to fall down rather faster than they wished and besides seeing that the mexicans kept themselves concealed, they thought best to leave thier place of exposure, and seek shelter within the houses, And the process of cutting port holes commenced which in less than one hour made the houses look like a pigeon nursery, from whence flame and

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