State Agency Information

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Below you will find entries for Texas state agencies. This list does not include state universities and institutions of higher education.

  • The “About” links direct to pages containing agency contact information, website homepages, and Texas Administrative Code rules.
  • The “Website” links direct to the current agency website homepage.
  • The “TRAIL” links direct users to the ArchiveIt! page that lists all TRAIL captures. If an agency has been abolished since the creation of this list their information, including TRAIL and Archive links, will still be available on this page.

If you need help locating information, please contact TSLAC Reference Staff at ref@tsl.texas.gov or at 512-463-5455.

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Agency About Website Trail .gov Trail .state.tx.us
Education Agency About Website .gov .state.tx.us
Educational Technology, Center for About Website .gov
Educator Certification, State Board for About Website .gov .state.tx.us
Edwards Aquifer Authority About Website .gov
Emancipation Juneteenth Cultural and Historical Commission (Abolished 2011) About .state.tx.us
Emergency Communications, Commission on State (911) About Website .gov .state.tx.us
Emergency Services Retirement System About Website .gov
Employees Retirement System About Website .gov
Engineering Experiment Station, Texas (No longer crawled) About Website .gov
Engineering Extension Service, Texas (No longer crawled) About Website .gov
Engineers, Board of Professional About Website .gov .state.tx.us
Environmental Quality, Commission on About Website .gov .state.tx.us
Ethics Commission About Website .gov