Consulting Services for Texas State Agencies

We provide consulting services by phone, mail, and e-mail. Each government information analyst is assigned a specific group of state agencies.

To find the name of the government information analyst assigned to a state agency, select the name of the state agency. If you can't reach the analyst, please call (512) 463-7610 or email

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Agency Code Analyst


Administrative Hearings 360 Bonnie Zuber
Affordable Housing Corporation 012 Andrew Glass
Aging and Disability Services 539 Megan Carey
Agriculture 551 Erica Wilson-Lang
Alcoholic Beverage Commission 458 Andrew Glass
Anatomical Board 528 Benjamin Barlow
Animal Health Commission 554 Megan Carey
Architectural Examiners 459 Benjamin Barlow
Arts 813 Megan Carey
Assistive and Rehabilitative Services 538 Megan Carey
Attorney General 302 Erica Wilson-Lang
Auditor 308 Erica Wilson-Lang

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Banking 451 Andrew Glass
Bar of Texas, State 202 Bonnie Zuber
Blind and Visually Impaired 771 Andrew Glass
Bond Review Board 352 Erica Wilson-Lang

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Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas 542 Megan Carey
Capital Writs 215 Bonnie Zuber
Chiropractic Examiners 508 Benjamin Barlow
Comptroller of Public Accounts 304 Andrew Glass
Consumer Credit Commissioner 466 Benjamin Barlow
County and District Retirement System 046 Erica Wilson-Lang
Court Administration 212 Benjamin Barlow
01st Court of Appeals District 221 Bonnie Zuber
02nd Court of Appeals District 222 Bonnie Zuber
03rd Court of Appeals District 223 Bonnie Zuber
04th Court of Appeals District 224 Bonnie Zuber
05th Court of Appeals District 225 Bonnie Zuber
06th Court of Appeals District 226 Bonnie Zuber
07th Court of Appeals District 227 Bonnie Zuber
08th Court of Appeals District 228 Andrew Glass
09th Court of Appeals District 229 Andrew Glass
10th Court of Appeals District 230 Bonnie Zuber
11th Court of Appeals District 231 Bonnie Zuber
12th Court of Appeals District 232 Andrew Glass
13th Court of Appeals District 233 Bonnie Zuber
14th Court of Appeals District 234 Bonnie Zuber
Court of Criminal Appeals 211 Bonnie Zuber
Credit Union Department 469 Bonnie Zuber
Criminal Justice 696 Erica Wilson-Lang

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Deaf, Texas School for the 772 Benjamin Barlow
Dental Examiners 504 Megan Carey

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Education Agency 701 Bonnie Zuber
Emergency Communications 477 Andrew Glass
Emergency Services Retirement System 326 Benjamin Barlow
Employees Retirement System of Texas 327 Bonnie Zuber
Environmental Quality 582 Megan Carey
Ethics Commission 356 Benjamin Barlow

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Facilities Commission 303 Erica Wilson-Lang
Family and Protective Services 530 Megan Carey
Fire Protection 411 Andrew Glass
Funeral Service Commission 513 Megan Carey

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General Land Office 305 Andrew Glass
Geoscientists 481 Benjamin Barlow
Governor's Office 301 Erica Wilson-Lang

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Health and Human Services Commission 529 Megan Carey
Health Professions Council 364 Megan Carey
Higher Education Coordinating Board 781 Megan Carey
Historical Commission 808 Erica Wilson-Lang
Holocaust and Genocide Commission 1158 Erica Wilson-Lang
House of Representatives 102 Erica Wilson-Lang
Housing and Community Affairs 332 Bonnie Zuber

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Information Resources 313 Benjamin Barlow
Injured Employee Counsel, Office of 448 Andrew Glass
Insurance 454 Erica Wilson-Lang

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Jail Standards 409 Megan Carey
Judicial Conduct 242 Benjamin Barlow
Juvenile Justice Department 644 Andrew Glass

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Land Surveying 464 Megan Carey
Law Enforcement 407 Benjamin Barlow
Law Examiners 203 Andrew Glass
Law Library 243 Benjamin Barlow
Legislative Budget Board 104 Andrew Glass
Legislative Council 103 Megan Carey
Legislative Reference Library 105 Andrew Glass
Library and Archives Commission 306 Megan Carey
Licensing and Regulation 452 Bonnie Zuber
Lottery Commission 362 Bonnie Zuber
Low-Level Radioactive Waste 535 Megan Carey

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Medical Board, Texas 503 Megan Carey
Midwestern State University 735 Bonnie Zuber
Military Department 401 Benjamin Barlow
Motor Vehicles 608 Erica Wilson-Lang
Municipal Retirement System 001 Megan Carey

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Nursing 507 Megan Carey

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Optometry Board 514 Benjamin Barlow

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Parks and Wildlife Department 802 Andrew Glass
Pension Review Board 338 Bonnie Zuber
Pharmacy 515 Megan Carey
Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners 533 Andrew Glass
Plumbing Examiners 456 Erica Wilson-Lang
Preservation Board 809 Bonnie Zuber
Professional Engineers 460 Benjamin Barlow
Prosecuting Attorney 213 Benjamin Barlow
Psychologists, Board of Examiners of 520 Andrew Glass
Public Accountancy 457 Andrew Glass
Public Finance Authority 347 Bonnie Zuber
Public Insurance Counsel 359 Andrew Glass
Public Safety 405 Benjamin Barlow
Public Utility Commission of Texas 473 Andrew Glass
Public Utility Counsel 475 Megan Carey

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Racing Commission 476 Andrew Glass
Railroad Commission of Texas 455 Megan Carey
Real Estate Commission 329 Benjamin Barlow
Risk Management 479 Bonnie Zuber

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Savings and Mortgage Lending 450 Erica Wilson-Lang
Secretary of State 307 Erica Wilson-Lang
Securities Board 312 Benjamin Barlow
Senate 101 Erica Wilson-Lang
Soil and Water Conservation Board 592 Megan Carey
State Health Services 537 Megan Carey
Stephen F. Austin State University 755 Andrew Glass
Sunset Advisory Commission 116 Erica Wilson-Lang
Supreme Court 201 Megan Carey

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Teacher Retirement System of Texas 323 Erica Wilson-Lang
Texas A&M System Office 710 Erica Wilson-Lang
Texas Southern University 717 Megan Carey
Texas State Technical College System 719 Erica Wilson-Lang
Texas State University System 758 Erica Wilson-Lang
Texas Tech University System 768 Benjamin Barlow
Texas Woman's University 731 Bonnie Zuber
Transportation 601 Erica Wilson-Lang
Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company 930 Erica Wilson-Lang

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University of Houston System 783 Andrew Glass
University of North Texas System Administration 769 Bonnie Zuber
University of Texas System 720 Andrew Glass
UT Arlington 714 Erica Wilson-Lang
UT Austin 721 Megan Carey
UT Brownsville 747 Megan Carey
UT Dallas 738 Benjamin Barlow
UT El Paso 724 Megan Carey
UT Health Science Center at Houston 744 Benjamin Barlow
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio 745 Benjamin Barlow
UT Health Science Center at Tyler 785 Benjamin Barlow
UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 506 Benjamin Barlow
UT Medical Branch at Galveston 723 Megan Carey
UT Pan American 736 Megan Carey
UT Permian Basin 742 Megan Carey
UT San Antonio 743 Benjamin Barlow
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas 729 Erica Wilson-Lang
UT Tyler 750 Benjamin Barlow

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Veterans Commission 403 Megan Carey
Veterinary Medical Examiners 578 Benjamin Barlow

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Water Development Board 580 Benjamin Barlow
Windham School District 002 Andrew Glass
Workforce Commission 320 Erica Wilson-Lang

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