Treaty Between Texas Commissioners and the Cherokee Indians, 1836

Page 2

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Cherokee Treaty, Page 2

shall be preserved, by the people belonging
to both parties.-

Article Second,

It is agreed and declared
that the before named Tribes, or Bands
shall form one community, and that they
shall have and possess the lands, within
the following bounds. Towit, - laying
West of the San Antonio road, and beginning
on the West, at the point where the said road
crosses the River Angeline, and running
up said river, untill it reaches the mouth
of the first large creek, (below the great
Shawanee Village) emptying into the said
River from the north east, thence running
with said creek, to its main source, and
from thence, a due north line to the Sabine
River, and with said river west-then
starting where the San. Antonio road crosses
the Angeline river, and with the said road
to the point where it crosses the Naches river

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