Treaty Between Texas Commissioners and the Cherokee Indians, 1836

Page 3

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Cherokee Treaty, Page 3

and thence running up the east side of said
river, in a North West direction. -

Article, Third,

All lands granted or
settled in good faith previous to the
settlement of the Cherokees, within the
before described bounds are not conveyed by
this treaty, but excepted from its operation.-
- all persons who have once been removed
and returned shall be considered as intruders
and their settlements, not be respected.-

Article, Fourth,

It is agreed by the parties
aforesaid that the several Bands or Tribes
named in this Treaty, shall all remove within
the limits, or bounds as before described. -

Article Fifth

It is agreed and declared, by
the parties aforesaid, that the land, lying
and being within the aforesaid limits shall
never be sold or alienated to any person or

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