Treaty Between Texas Commissioners and the Cherokee Indians, 1836

Page 5

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Cherokee Treaty, Page 5

be governed by their own Regulations, and
Laws, within their own territory, not contrary
to the Laws of the Government of Texas.-
all property stolen from the citizens of
Texas, or from the Indians shall be restored
to the party from whom it was stolen, and
the offender or offenders shall be punished
by the party to whom he or they may belong.

Article, Eighth.

The Government of Texas
shall have power to regulate Trade, and
intercourse, but no Tax shall be laid on
the Trade of the Indians.-

Article, Ninth.-

The Parties to this Treaty
agree that one or more agencies, shall be
created and at least one agent shall reside,
specially, within the Cherokee Villages, whose
duty it shall be to see, that no injustice is
done to them, or other members of the community
of Indians.---

Article, Tenth,

The Parties to this Treaty

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