Treaty Between Texas Commissioners and the Cherokee Indians, 1836

Page 7

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Cherokee Treaty, Page 7

Article Twelefth

The parties to this Treaty, agree
that nothing herein contained shall effect
the relations of the Saline, on the Naches
nor the settlers in the neighbourhood thereof
untill a General Council of the Several
Bands, shall take place and the pleasure
of the convention of Texas be known.

Article Thirteenth

It is also declared, that all
Titles issued to Lands, not agreeably to the
declaration of the General Consultation of
the People of all Texas, dated the Thirteenth
day of November, Eighteen hundred and
thirty five, within the before recited
limits, are declared void-as well as, all
orders and surveys made in relation to
the same.-

Done at Colonel Bowls Village
on the Twentythird day of

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