Treaty Between Texas Commissioners and the Cherokee Indians, 1836

Page 6

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Cherokee Treaty, Page 6

agree that so soon as Jack Steele, and
Samuel Benge, shall abandon their
improvements, without the limits of the
before recited tract of country, and remove
within the same, that they shall be valued
and paid for by the Government of Texas,
the said Jack Steele and Samuel Benge
having untill the month of November
next succeeding from the date of this
treaty, allowed them to remove within the
limits before described. - And that all
the lands and improvements now oc=
=cupied by any of the before named
Bands or Tribes, not lying within
the limits before described shall belong
to the Government of Texas and subject to its disposal.

Article Eleventh.

The Parties to this Treaty
agree and stipulate that all the Bands
or Tribes, as before recited (except Steele
and Benge) shall remove within the
before described limits, within Eight
months from the date of this Treaty.


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