Treaty Between Texas Commissioners and the Cherokee Indians, 1836

Page 4

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Cherokee Treaty, Page 4

persons, power or Government, whatsoever
else than the Government of Texas, and
the Commissioners on behalf of the Government
of Texas bind themselves, to prevent in
future all persons from intruding within the
said bounds. - And it is agreed upon
the part of the Cherokees, for themselves
and their younger Brothers, that no other
tribes or Bands of Indians, whatsoever
shall settle within the limits aforesaid,
but those already named in this Treaty,
and now residing in Texas. -

Article, Sixth

It is declared that no individual
person, member of the Tribes before named,
shall have power to sell, or lease land
to any, person or persons, not a member or
members of this community of Indians,
nor shall any citizen of Texas, be allowed
to lease or buy land from any Indian or

Article Seventh,

That the Indians shall

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