William Rozier's Request for a Government Pension

Page 7

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Rozier Pension - Page 7

and Green or lost my hare[?] in the
famous battle of meyor this my
last raid in Texas I will give you
the names of my comrads that lived
to return from priseon out of the 32
white men Capt James P onsby John
Jimeson Ezekil Ballard Stephen
Dinkins Eperaim Mcdowel James
Fowler and one damed cur that turned
trator and joined the mexican armey
by the name of mcafety [McCafferty] my Self
last Wm M Rozier for all this Six
years the flower of my life Spent
to mintain the indapendance of
Texas I have never received one
dollar all the four going I can estab
lish here by G W Trazon[?] one of the
meyor prisoners and James More
one of the Santafee priseoners if
Andrew Neil atturney at law of
Seguine he can tell the Same Thing
and maney other old Texians I Supose
that Still lives but I Supose
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