William Rozier's Request for a Government Pension

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Rozier Pension - Page 2

1841 by Mirabo [Mirabeau] B Lamar then presadent
of Texas I joined his companey on the
2 day of april 1841 it nombered 62
me[n] 32 white men and 30 lapan [Lipan] indians
we proseded from Goliad west with
the promis of $25 per month and all
that we could take from the enemy
we beet up and down the nieuaces
River and west of that river until the
indians became indignant and left
us then contention got up in the Company
and it Split up one Kirby [Yerby] leading the
mutinears of[f] on their own hook there
was onley 14 men Captain and all left
Kirby and all the ballance that left
the company ware killed by Col Berrey
Alls [Villareal¹s] dragoons the Mexican Commander
we would not go to the Settlements
just then for fear those fellows would
Charge us with cowardice So we
ventured further west and on the 14th
day of June 1841 we fell in with Berrey
Als Mexican dragoons at the
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