William Rozier's Request for a Government Pension

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Rozier Pension - Page 3

Santarosa water holes on the Matamorez
road they So greateley outnumbering
us ware captured on the Conditions
that we would bee treated as prisoners
of war and ride our own horses to the
citty of Matamorras but they would
have broke faith with us had not
Capt onsby had his commition with [him]
and have Shot us to a man we ware
carried to Matamores and put on
a ditch to labor on Scant rations until
our Shirts gave out and we could not
Stand the Sun no longer naked So
we refused to work longer and then
they Started us to the intearier by the
way of Comargo and Monterey in
Monterey Aresta [Arista] had us put in
hand cuffs and ordered to bee marched
So to the citty of Mexico but the
captain of the gard Saw that it [was]
imposable ever to make the trip in
that fix So he had the cuffs taken
off of the men we then reached
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