William Rozier's Request for a Government Pension

Page 6

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Rozier Pension - Page 6

on a credit those claims are uceless as
brown paper So we Scattered to the places
we called our homes I returned to Texana
to whare my Brother lived John P. Rozier
A miserable broken down moving
Skellatin out of the 4 months we ware
confined in the City of Mexico I layed
three months of that time in the hospital
when judge Robeson and the court was
taken I volenteared at Texana under
Capt Clark L owens to go after Them
but the waters ware So high that we
ware two late Capt Wells and Capt
Paint Colwell [Caldwell] had pushed them
over the reogranda [Rio Grande] priseoners and
all we returned home and Soon we
ware called on to join the famous
Summervill expadition I again
volenteared under Capt Clark L
Owens of Texana but was prevented
from going by Sickness if I could
have went I Should have bin one of
the Meyer [Mier] prisoners with Fisher
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