William Rozier's Request for a Government Pension

Page 4

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Rozier Pension - Page 4

4 Saltillo we there met farin friends
who planed our escape and furnished
us with morphine to put in muscal
to dost the Soldiers we did So but
we over done the thing and they would
not Sleep So we had to fight and we
did fight on the knight of 14th of Septem
ber at agua nieuavo [Agua Nuevo] 8 leags from
Saltillo we jumped the gards and
Killed eight of them dead on the
ground we then fled to the mountains
but was followed the next day by the
infantrey and cavelrey we there
lost Dan Davis Killed Stephen
Farrow wounded and redaken
David Fowler wounded and taken
Ballard retaken the ballance
Scattered in the mountains but
finaley all was retaken except
Capt onsby and one Cissel the Capt
went to Sanlouisobispo and was Sent
to Neworleans by one Mr Davis an
english Merchant living there at
that Time the ballan of us ware
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