William Rozier's Request for a Government Pension

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Rozier Pension - Page 5

finaley geathered in Saltillo and
Started again to the Citty of Mexico
we made the trip that time and
Confined in that citty 4 months and then
liberated on the 14th day of june 1842
by the interferance of woddey Tompson [Waddy Thompson]
the game Cock of Southcarolina
the American Minister that came
in the place of judge Ellis we
then ware Sent home all the Texas
priseoners to gether Santafee prisoners
and all we landed on the Strand near
McKinneys and Williamses in the
latter part of August 1842 the
most horrable looking Set of men
that was looked apon by Texians
old rags and peeces of hats and
brich clouts I found my captain
in Houstain he there gave us our
discharge what left of us we took
them to presadent Houston and all
we could get out of him was by the
eternal god boys there is not a dollar
in the trashery I have to get my grog
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