William Rozier's Request for a Government Pension

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Rozier Pension - Page 1

Tuolmne Cala Sept 27th. 1873 To The Hon. State Comptroler

Dear Sir
as I dont know
your name I adres you in your
official capasity
I have learned
that the legislature of Texas has
made Some provissons to remunerate
vetrons for past Sirvisses and
knot knowing whether I am conci
ddered one or not I have concluded
to State my case to you See now
the Stands I went to Texas in 1837
I Served as a ranger with Jacob
hendrix Hugh [Ewen] Cameron and Carnes
on the South western fruntear in 1839
and was wounded at the Casso Blanco [Casa Blanca]
on the nieuaces [Nueces] River that year
James P onsby [Ownsby] was commitioned to
raise a copaney of rangers in
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