Texas Declaration of Independence, Original Manuscript, March 2, 1836

Page 5

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Declaration of Independence - Page 5


to the general Congress a republican constitu-
tion, which was, without just cause, con-
temptuously rejected.

It incarcerated in a dun-
geon, for a long time, one of our citizens,
for no other cause but a zealous endeavor
to procure the acceptance of our constitution,
and the establishment of a state government.

It has failed and re-
fused to secure, on a firm basis, the right
of trial by jury, that palladium of civil
liberty, and only safe guarantee for the
life, liberty, and property of the citizen.

It has failed to estab-
lish any public system of education,
although possessed of almost boundless
resources, (the public domain,) and although
it is an axiom in political science, that
unless a people are educated and en-
lightened, it is idle to expect the con-
tinuance of civil liberty, or the capa-
city for self government.

It has suffered the
military commandants, stationed among

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