Texas Declaration of Independence, Original Manuscript, March 2, 1836

Page 7

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Declaration of Independence - Page 7

It denies us the right
of worshipping the Almighty according
to the dictates of our own conscience,
by the support of a national religion, calcula-
ted to promote the temporal interest of
its human functionaries, rather than the
glory of the true and living God.

It has demanded us to
deliver up our arms, which are essential
to our defence, the rightful property of
freemen, and formidable only to tyr-
annical governments.

It has invaded our
country both by sea and by land, with
intent to lay waste our territory, and
drive us from our homes; and has now
a large mercenary army advancing, to
carry on against us a war of extermi-

It has, through its em-
issaries, incited the merciless savage,
with the tomahawk and scalping knife,
to massacre the inhabitants of our
defenseless frontiers.

It hath been, during

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