TexShare is a consortium of Texas libraries joining together to share print and electronic materials, purchase online resources, and combine staff expertise.

TexShare services are available to patrons of participating member libraries all across Texas, regardless of institution type, size, or location. The consortium is administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


Member libraries may selectively participate in TexShare programs, which include:

See our downloadable TexShare Information Card for a promotional piece you can distribute.


TexShare membership is available to Texas public libraries, academic institutions, and libraries of clinical medicine.  Read our Web page on Eligibility to find out if your library qualifies.

Libraries that don’t qualify for TexShare membership may be able to join TexShare as affiliate members.

TexShare governance and member responsibilities

TexShare is a member-driven program administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The TexShare Mission and Strategic Direction are set by representatives of member libraries. For more information on how TexShare operates, see our Web page on TexShare governance and member responsibilities.


TexShare has grown from 53 members in 1988 to almost 700 members today. See the history of TexShare here.

Keeping Up to Date

To keep up to date on TexShare programs, sign up for TexShare electronic mailing lists. There are not many postings to the lists, but they will always alert you to the latest news onTexShare services.

For recent presentations and other program information, see our news page.

Page last modified: April 8, 2019