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General TexShare F.A.Q.s

What is TexShare?

TexShare is a cooperative program designed to improve library service to Texans. TexShare focuses on the efficient sharing of library holdings, with an emphasis on electronic information resources and traditional collections of books and journals.

At the heart of TexShare is the synergy that occurs when librarians work together to serve customers better.

How Does TexShare Help Libraries Serve Customers Better?

TexShare enables participating libraries to offer a broader range of materials and services than any single library can provide. In addition to traditional resource sharing arrangements such as interlibrary loan, TexShare services include:

  • TexShare Databases: Online full-text databases, which are commercial databases licensed by TexShare offer authoritative, full-text articles from verifiable, subscription-only sources. Every search yields results you won't see anywhere else.
  • TExpress: a courier service that affords two-day delivery among libraries statewide. Participating libraries pay a reduced rate, and enjoy quicker, more reliable delivery than conventional methods.
  • TexTreasures: grants for digitizing specialized collections.
  • The TexShare Card: permits eligible patrons of Texas public and academic libraries in good standing to directly borrow materials from participating TexShare libraries across Texas.
  • Discovery Texas at LibraryofTexas.org: allows users to discover and retrieve desired information from multiple TexShare member catalogs, TexShare databases, locally subscribed collections, and other knowledge collections. Texans no longer need to use a separate interface for each individual library or database.

How is TexShare Changing?

TexShare stakeholders requested a change to the statutes governing the consortium in order to give consortium members more control over the composition of TexShare membership. This was expressed at the Statewide Resource Sharing Summit held on February 28, 2008. In response to the recommendations of the summit, the law governing TexShare was changed, and rules for adding new libraries to the consortium were adopted, including new affiliate membership category.

How Will Integrating Resource Sharing Programs Improve Services?

Texans need the widest possible range of information, regardless of the type of library they use. At a time when no single library can meet the full range of its customers' needs, multi-type resource sharing arrangements make sense. Instead of operating parallel services for different types of libraries, the State Library may now identify areas where coordination and consolidation can yield improved services for both academic and public libraries. This will enable the State Library to stretch its budget to develop collaborative resource sharing offerings that benefit more Texans than ever before.

Who is a Member of TexShare?

Originally a program of the publicly funded universities in Texas, over the years TexShare has expanded to include private universities, community colleges, and public libraries. TexShare is now a multitype resource sharing consortium.  Public libraries that belong to regional library systems automatically became TexShare members by virtue of their system membership. Academic institutions that meet the criteria as specified in Education Code 61.003 are eligible for TexShare membership. On September 2, 2001, the TexShare program expanded eligibility by enacting HB 3591. HB 3591 allowed Libraries of Clinical Medicine to become full members of TexShare.

Do I Have to Join TexShare programs?

TexShare programs are voluntary; members choose which programs they wish to join.

Who Advises on TexShare programs?

The TexShare Advisory Board is appointed by the State Library Commission and is legislatively responsible for advising the Commission on the TexShare program. The Advisory Board includes representatives from community colleges, private universities, publicly-funded academic institutions, public libraries, as well as two representatives of the general public. For a complete list of Board members, see the TexShare web site.

TexShare working groups, comprised of public and academic librarians, provide member input on TexShare services. Currently, these groups are addressing the following topics: the TexShare reciprocal borrowing card; the TExpress courier/interlibrary loan service; training; electronic databases; communications; the Library of Texas; and Texas collections. Rosters for each working group may be found on the TexShare web site.

TexShare members who have comments or suggestions about TexShare programs are urged to contact the TexShare coordinator, and members of the Advisory Board and working groups. Members are encouraged to be active participants in TexShare.

How Can I Keep Up-to-Date on TexShare news?

Visit the TexShare web site at: www.tsl.texas.gov/texshare for news and program information. Access information on TexShare programs, working groups, advisory board, and more. Comments and suggestions on the site are welcome.

Sign up for the TexShare electronic mailing lists. A complete list of the TexShare lists, with subscription information, may be found on the TexShare web site. The electronic mailing lists are the primary means of communication in TexShare and staff at TexShare institutions are urged to subscribe to all relevant lists. There are not many postings to the lists, but you will receive the latest news first.

TexShare Contact:

TexShare Coordinator
Texas State Library and Archives
PO Box 12927
Austin, Tx 78711-2927
512-463-5433 or 800-2529386

Email: texshare@tsl.texas.gov

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