Selected Correspondence between Gov. James Stephen Hogg and U.S. Senator John H. Reagan, 1891

In April 1891, Gov. James Stephen Hogg sent a letter to U.S. Senator John H. Reagan offering him a position on the newly-created Railroad Commission. Soon after, Sen. Reagan replied, accepting the position and indicating that we would resign his Senate seat to take the job.

Gov. Hogg's Letter
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Senator Reagan's Letter
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Gov. Hogg Letter, Page 2


of more money as a circulating medium;
3rd Oppressive local freight rates. With the
evils of the first two the federal Government
alone can deal; the third is within the
exclusive control of the State Government.
The time has come for it to be handled.

            For many years you have consistently,
ably, labored with other Democrats, as a
member of the House and then as Senator,
in Congress, to reduce the tariff to the lowest
rate consistent with the economical ad-
ministration of the government, and to have
coinage of silver for the people’s relief.
This work will continue until just results

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