Selected Correspondence between Gov. James Stephen Hogg and U.S. Senator John H. Reagan, 1891

In April 1891, Gov. James Stephen Hogg sent a letter to U.S. Senator John H. Reagan offering him a position on the newly-created Railroad Commission. Soon after, Sen. Reagan replied, accepting the position and indicating that we would resign his Senate seat to take the job.

Gov. Hogg's Letter
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Senator Reagan's Letter
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Reagan Letter, Page 5

The peculiar geographical position
of Texas, extending far back into
the territory of the United States, *

[sideways marginal note] and reaching a plateau area by a given length of time[,] of transportation time on any other point on our seacoasts [?]

her large territorial extent, of
274,000 square miles, her
2,500,000 population, and
her eight thousand miles
of railroad, together with
her superior climate, and
soil and valuable produc-
tions, with whatever of
prospects which lie in her
future for manufacturing,
give much importance to
the just and proper regulation
of her system of internal
transportation. And I agree
with you that this is of


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