Selected Correspondence between Gov. James Stephen Hogg and U.S. Senator John H. Reagan, 1891

In April 1891, Gov. James Stephen Hogg sent a letter to U.S. Senator John H. Reagan offering him a position on the newly-created Railroad Commission. Soon after, Sen. Reagan replied, accepting the position and indicating that we would resign his Senate seat to take the job.

Gov. Hogg's Letter
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Senator Reagan's Letter
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Reagan Letter, Page 3

aristocracy; the arresting
of extravigant [sic] and corrupting
appropriations of the public
money, and the securing
of proper economy in
the public expenditures; and *

[sideways marginal note] the abandonment of the power of monopolie [sic] and the repeal of class depredation

I have labored faithfully
for these and other needed
reforms. And now when
it seems to me we are on
the eve of securing suc-
cess in moving of these great meas-
ure[s], in which I have taken
so much interest, I cannot
but regret that a sense of
duty to the people of Texas
may deprive me of the pleasure
and of the glory of participa-
ting in the final victory

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