Selected Correspondence between Gov. James Stephen Hogg and U.S. Senator John H. Reagan, 1891

In April 1891, Gov. James Stephen Hogg sent a letter to U.S. Senator John H. Reagan offering him a position on the newly-created Railroad Commission. Soon after, Sen. Reagan replied, accepting the position and indicating that we would resign his Senate seat to take the job.

Gov. Hogg's Letter
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Senator Reagan's Letter
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Gov. Hogg Letter, Page 3


shall have been attained. You are needed
more at home where you can best render
effective service to those who have
always honored you, and who would
not fail to do so at any time to the full
extent of your ambition so far as it were
in their power. For years the people have
been trying to procure a Commission Law.
They have one now, and it is possible
for them to get relief from the wrongs
of railway management. The law is
useless and will become a farce without
wise and just enforcement. Your long ad-
vocacy of such a measure and great

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