Bird's Fort Treaty Ratification Proclamation, 1843

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Bird's Fort - Page 3

will forever live in peace and always
meet as friends and brothers. Also,
that the war which may have here-
=tofore existed between them, shall
cease and never be renewed.

Article II. They further
agree and declare, that it is the duty
of warriors to protect women and chil-
=dren, and that they will never make
war upon them, or upon unarmed
persons; but only upon warriors

Article III. They further
agree and declare, that the Indians
will never unite with the enemies
of Texas, nor make any treaty with
them, which shall require of the In-
=dians to take part against Texas;
and that if any such proposals
should ever be made to them, that
they will immediately communicate
the same to an agent or to the Presi-

Article IV. They further
agree and declare, that when they learn
that Texas is at war with any people, a
chief will come to an Agent and ask
to be conducted to the President, that he
may counsel with him.

Article V. They further

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