Bird's Fort Treaty Ratification Proclamation, 1843

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Bird's Fort - Page 8

and other mechanics, as he may think
proper, for their benefit; and also that
he may send schoolmasters and fam-
=ilies, for the purpose of instructing them
in a knowledge of the English language
and Christian Religion.

Article XIX. They further
agree and declare, that when the Presi-
=dent shall send persons among the
Indians, they will extend to them kind
treatment and protect them from harm.

Article XX. They further
agree and declare, that the the chiefs and Head-
=men of the Indians will cause their young
men and warriors to behave themselves
agreeably to the words of this treaty; &
that they will punish them with death,
or in such other way as will compel
them to keep peace and walk in the
path made straight between the white
and red brothers.

Article XXI. They further
agree and declare, that should any
difficulty or cause for war arise between
the Government of Texas and the In-
=dians, they will send their complaints to
the President, and hear his answer be-
=fore they commence hostilities; and the
Government of Texas will do the same.

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