Bird's Fort Treaty Ratification Proclamation, 1843

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Bird's Fort - Page 7

of the whites, he or they shall be punished
by the Tribe, in presence of an Agent, with
whipping or other punishment, accord-
-ing to the offense.

Article XV. They further
agree and declare, that the Chiefs and
Captains will not permit the Indians to
cross the line for any purpose whatsoever
without authority and a passport from
an agent; nor sell any property to a white
man, unless authorised so to do by some

Article XVI. They further
agree and declare, That if any person or per-
=sons shall come among the Indians, with-
out authority from the President or agent,
they will immediately seize and deliver him
or them to some one of the agents.

Article XVII. They further a-
=gree and declare, that they will mutual-
=ly surrender and deliver up all the prisoners which
they have of the other party for their own prisoners
and that they will not be friendly with any peo-
=ple or nation, or enter into treaty with them-
who will take prisoners from Texas, or do its citi-
=zens any injury.

Article XVIII. They further
agree and declare, that the President may
send among the Indians such blacksmiths

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