Bird's Fort Treaty Ratification Proclamation, 1843

Page 9

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Bird's Fort - Page 9

Article XXII. They fur-
=ther agree and declare, that so soon as
the Indians shall have shown that they
will keep this treaty, and no more make
war upon the whites, nor steal horses from
them, the President will authorize the traders
of Texas to sell to them powder, lead, guns,
spears and other arms, such as they may
need for the purpose of killing game; and
also make to them every year such presents
as the Government of Texas may provide.

Article XXIII. They fur-
=ther agree and declare, that the Government
of Texas reserves to itself the right of working
all mines which have been or may hereafter
be discovered in the territory assigned the In-

Article XXIV. They fur-
=ther agree and declare, that the President
shall make such arrangements and regu-
=lations with the several tribes of Indians
as he may think best for their peace and

The foregoing articles hav-
=ing been read, interpreted and fully un
=derstood by them, they hereby agree
to and confirm the same by seal-
=ing and signing their several

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