Bird's Fort Treaty Ratification Proclamation, 1843

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Bird's Fort - Page 4

agree and declare, that agents
shall be appointed by the Govern-
=ment of Texas and be stationed
at such places as may be deemed
proper, for the purpose of hearing
the complaints of the Indians
and seeing that justice is one
between them and the whites,
and also to communicate the or-
=ders and wishes of the President
to the various bands and tribes.

Article VI. They fur-
=ther agree and declare, that no
person shall go among the In-
=dians to trade, except by the ex-
press authority of the Government of Texas.

Article VII. They
further agree and declare, that
no white man or other person
within the control of the laws of
Texas, shall introduce among any
tribe or nation of Indians, or sell
to any Indian or Indians, ardent
spirits or intoxicating liquors of any

Article VIII. They fur-
ther agree and declare, that no
white man or other person, else

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