Bird's Fort Treaty Ratification Proclamation, 1843

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Bird's Fort - Page 5

than a regularly licensed trader, shall
purchase any property of an Indian
or Indians, without the consent of an
Agent of the Government of Texas

Article IX. They further
agree and declare that when any prop-
=erty is found among the whites, belong-
-ing to the Indians, it shall be the duty
of the Agent to see that the same is re-
=stored; and on the other hand, when-
=ever property, belonging to the whites,
is found among the Indians, the same
shall be restored in like manner by the
chiefs, on application of the owner or
owners thereof, through the Agent.

Article X. They further
agree and declare that no trader shall
furnish any warlike stores to the In-
=dians, but by the express permissionn
of the President.

Article XI. They further
agree and declare, that no person or
persons shall pass the line of trading
houses, without the special permis-
=sion of the President; and then only
for friendly purposes; nor shall any
person or persons reside or remain
within the territory assigned to the
Indians, unless by express direction of

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