John C. Duval's Statement Concerning the Fannin Massacre

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trenchments (to which we did not reply,
because we had exhausted the ammu-
nition for our artillery in the fight the
day before, and the enemy was beyond the
range of Small arms.)

At this juncture and when we were
momentarily expecting a general charge
upon our position, and it was evident
to every one there was no alternative left
us but to Surrender or perish in a hope-
less contest, a white flag was hoisted. I
do not remember distinctly whether this
flag was first hoisted within our entren-
chments or by the enemy, but that is a
matter of no moment. After it was raised,
Several of our principal officers left the
entrenchments and were met about
halfway between them and the enemys
lines by Genl Urrea and Several of his

The conference was soon ended, and

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