John C. Duval's Statement Concerning the Fannin Massacre

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Duval - Page 5

in Spanish and the other in English)
which I was informed at the time (as
well as every one else in our lines)
contained the terms of capitulation. I
can testify positively to the fact that this
document was written in the manner
described, because I was Standing within
Six feet of Genl Urrea and our officers,
whilst his Genl Urreas Secretary was
drawing it up.

The chief article in this written
document, (as I and every other man in
the command were informed at the
time) was as follows.."That we Should
be held as prisoners of war, until ex-
changed during the war, or liberated
upon our "parole of honor" not to engage
in it again-at the option of the Mexican
Commander." There were minor articles
embodied in the document, Such as that
our officer Should retain their side arms,

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