John C. Duval's Statement Concerning the Fannin Massacre

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Duval - Page 7

forces did not advance upon our en-

trenchments until the articles of capitu-

lation had been drawn up.


For the following reasons, I have

always believed that Genl Urrea, as far as

it was in his power to do so, honestly in-

tended to comply with the articles of


In the first place if (as Santa Anna

asserted subsequently, in excuse of his

wholesale butcheries of unarmed men)

"that he was acting under express orders

from the Genl Government" to execute all

prisoners taken with arms in their

hands", certainly Genl Urrea himself as

the Second officer in command of the

Mexican Army, could not have been ig-

norant of such orders. It is highly prob-

able, therefore, if there had been any in-

tention on the part of Genl Urrea to

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