John C. Duval's Statement Concerning the Fannin Massacre

Page 4

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Duval - Page 4

a portable writing desk (Dr. Barnard
Says in his diary that the desk and
writing materials were furnished by
Col Fannin and his officers, but my
recollection of the matter is as I have
Stated). In a few moments the result
of the Second conference was known to
every one in our lines, which was to the
effect "that Genl Urrea being disposed
to prevent the useless effusion of
blood that wold necessarily result
from a continued resistance on our
part of in a hopless contest with his
army, had concluded to grant the
terms asked for by Col Fannin."

The portable writing desk before
mentioned was then placed upon a Stand
(probably an ammunition chest) and Genl
Urrea and his Staff and our officers were
Seated around it, whilst the Secretary
wrote out a document (in duplicate - one

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